Plan, Promote, Organize and Implement Programs for Construction, Development, Operation, Repairs and Maintenance of National Highways/ Motorways and Strategic Roads.


Powers & Duties of NHA


* Advise the Federal Government on matters relating to National Highways and Strategic Roads.


* Frame a scheme or schemes for matters such as Construction, Expansion, Operation and Development of National Highways and Strategic Roads and undertake work/incur expenditure on such scheme(s).


* Acquire any Land in accordance with legal procedure and obtain and dispose of movable and immovable property of interests therein.


* Research and Development in the field of Highways.


* Procure Plant, Machinery, Instruments and Materials required for its use.


* Enter into and perform all such contracts as it may consider necessary.


* Levy, Collect or cause to be collected Tolls on National Highways, Strategic Roads and such other roads as may be entrusted to it and bridges thereon.


* License facilities on roads under its control on such terms as it deems fit.


* Determine a building line between which and the ROW it shall not be lawful without the consent of the Authority to construct or maintain any structure or make any excavation.


* Cause Studies, Surveys, Experiments and Technical Researches to be made or contribute towards the cost of such studies, surveys, experiments or technical researches made by any other agency.

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Interactive Map
NHA Code
NHA Code